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Dear visitors of our site!

We have announced the project of novoslovnica wikicourse, which will be developing by our team and the volunteers of a panslavic community. This course will contain the material about grammar, lexicon and some features of the language. Its target audience is an English-speaking community — people who want to get knowledge about this project. We cannot provide with video or audio material for them in a proper time, so this book will be a great opportunity to learn Novoslovnica by non-Slavic people. It will follow the Russian video course, which you can find on our Youtube channel, but with special commentaries exactly for English-speaking learners. We’ll explain some features of Slavic languages to let you speak a panslavic one more fluently. Also we’ll provide you with some infographics on different grammar themes of the language.

We hope Wikibooks Community will understand our choice in favor of wikibooks and won’t forbid to teach this course on their site.

We apologise to our Slavic subscribers for giving this news in English, but it’s aimed at another audience. We ask our English-speaking guests to write any questions you have about Novoslovnica and its course on WikiBooks.

Novoslovnica’s Team


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